NOTE: Our organization has recently been incorporated as the City of Tonawanda Local Development Corporation (LDC).  Tonawanda Main Street remains a critical part of this organization.  We continue to develop, more information will be added about this new structure.

Tonawanda Main Street began developing as sustainable grassroots community organization focused on downtown revitalization in the City of Tonawanda in 2016.  The establishment of the organization is made possible by the City of Tonawanda, in partnership with the Western Erie Canal Alliance, and a grant from the New York State Department of State under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.  Thanks to the support of these partners, Tonawanda Main Street has formed a structure to address community issues and opportunities.

Program Structure

Tonawanda Main Street is developed in accordance with Main Street America™, formerly the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street Program.  This national approach focuses on economic development within the context of historic preservation and building community capacity and self-advocacy.  Key components include:

  • Broad-based community support.
  • Identification of the community's people and places assets.
  • Developing a vision.
  • Implementing programs that will result in economic and market strength in the community.

With this effort, the City will join a coast-to-coast revitalization movement that is established in nearly 2,000 community programs across the country and virtually all 50 states.


Based on the national approach, the goals of the establishment of the Main Street Program is to incrementally develop a strong, synergistic and sustainable downtown district through an organized Main Street Program. More specifically, the overarching goals of a Main Street Program are to:

  1. Leverage the community’s physical and intrinsic strengths to promote economic reinvigoration and revitalization of the commercial district and community.
  2. Engage broad base grassroots community support for Main Street’s mission, goals and objectives.
  3. Increase people and community capacity that will result in positive change to their community through strategic planning and marketing.
  4. Maintain the historic fabric and integrity of the community.